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Sunday 5th January 2020

  • Happy New Year Everyone.
  • Speaker Booklet - The Link has been corrected and the Booklet can now be downloaded.


Saturday 9th November 2019

  • Course Leads - New section added allowing the recording of guests who require more information about the Courses.
  • Feedback - Host Course Leads - Updated to use the new form.
  • Hosts - Local Speakers can no longer be maintained, you will need to contact the office if you need to add a new local speaker.
  • Speakers - Topic - File Upload - Name capacity has been increased to 100 Characters, and intermittent upload bug has been fixed.


Wednesday 23rd October 2019

  • Speakers - The Download CSV button is now working again.


Tuesday 27th August 2019

  • Person Diary Appointments will appear in the Card View Display for all lists.
  • Diary Appointments / Person Location - A warning will be shown if you attempt to archive a person location that has a future Diary Appointment.  You need to let the Event past, or cancel their appointment if they are no longer attending.


Thursday 8th August 2019

  • Diary Reminder Emails - Hosts will no longer receive these now.


Saturday 27th July 2019

  • Coaching - New Coaching Module added to the System.  This will only be available to Users who do Coaching.
  • Side Bar - Changes have been made to the Side Bar to support the Coaching Module.  The Menu structure has been rearranged, with the ability to show or hide sections by clicking on the Section Name (Orange Colour).
  • Calendar - New Calendar section added allowing you to see appointments that are assigned to you.  This can either be Coaching or pin Meeting (Diary) related.
  • Numerous changes were made to the system to support the Coaching Module.  If you come across an issue, please raise a Support Ticket, or contact the pin Office.


Month 29th April 2019

  • Diary Reminder Emails - Helpers will no longer receive these now.


Friday 26th April 2019

  • Diary Reminder Emails will now be sent out when you have been booked for a pin Meeting Event.  These reminders are sent out 1, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 180 Days before the Event.
  • Profile - There is a new Reminder Email section in which you adjust the reminder settings.
  • Diary - For Hosts, you will now see icons below the Event Date, allowing you to add the event into your calendar / diary.


Friday 22nd March 2019

  • Speakers - All Topics have been assigned Keywords.  Although we recommend that you review the Keywords and amend the assignments.  If you want an additional Keyword, then please raise a Support Ticket.
  • Speakers - There is a new Topic Keywords dropdown that has been added to the page.  This will allow you to filter on Speakers that has Topics assigned to the selected Keyword.
  • Speakers - In addition to the Topic Keywords dropdown, you will now see the Keywords in the Card and Topics View display.  The CSV Download will also contain the Keywords alongside the Topic Title.


Wednesday 20th March 2019

  • Diary - pin Staff Members can appear on the Diary listings, but only the Administrators can assign the pin Staff Members.
  • Speakers - Card View - A fix has been rolled out so that you can now download the Speakers list when in the Card View display.
  • Speaker - Topics - Keywords - It is now required that any new Topics added or any existing Topics that get updated will require Topic Keywords to be selected.


Friday 8th March 2019

  • Speakers - Topics - Very large Presentation Files can now be downloaded.  Before the download would just abort and return a failure page.  Improvements have also been made to handle large files.


Saturday 23rd February 2019

  • Diary - Two changes have been made in the Diary - Location Dates tab.  The Topic Duration column has been removed, in which the duration is now prefixed to the Topic Title.  A new Attended column now appears on the right side of the table.  Note, attended Staff Members can now be marked in the pin Meetings Attendance List.
  • Speakers - The Speaker Type Dropdown has had some of the options renamed, as the previous wording was a little confusing.  The "All Available Speakers" option has become "Your Location Available Speakers", and "Outside Speakers" has become "Outside Your Location Speakers".


Wednesday 20th February 2019

  • Speakers - Download - Fixed the download feature as it was not working for Host Logins.


Tuesday 12th February 2019

  • Diary - People Assignment - Added a check to prevent double bookings from occurring on the same date.


Tuesday 22nd January 2019

  • Diary - People Assignment - Fixed the intermittent issue of people being cancelled from the diary for no apparent reason.  Issue was due to the page trying to show a minimum number of drop downs per user type which removed people that exceeded that number if they were booked before.  If the diary was re-save the extra people would have been cancelled.  If the diary was saved first time around, then the people listed would all have been booked okay.


Wednesday 16th January 2019

  • Diary - Attendees - You will see a new Attendees tab in the Diary allowing you to see the list of people who attended a particular event.
  • Diary - Compare Diaries - You now have the ability to compare more than 2 diaries.
  • Diary - People Assignment - Several fixes have been applied to the save mechanism.  This bring stability to the recent issues reported.
  • Speakers - Download - A new Download button has been added to the Speakers allowing you to download the speaker list to a CSV file.
  • Speakers - Table View - Clicking on the Speaker Name will now open their record in the View Speaker tab.


Saturday 12th January 2019

  • Diary - Added a check so that if another instance of the same Meeting Diary was saved prior to saving your version, it will warn you of the problem.
  • Hosts - A new Speaker Profile section has been added allowing you to easily access your speaker profile if you are a speaker.
  • Speakers - The Speaker Info section has been renamed to Speaker Profile now.


Tuesday 8th January 2019

  • Speaker Presentations - A fix has been rolled out so that Safari Web Browser users can now download the correctly named Speaker Presentation files.  Safari was appending the ".html" extension to the filename causing it not to appear as expected.


Monday 17th December 2018

  • Diary - An issue has been fixed in regards to Speakers whose Locations are archived.  They were still being shown in Location Dates section, but the People Assignment tab had them filtered out.  Now both tabs filter them out correctly.


Sunday 16th December 2018

  • Hosts - The Library section has been added, in which you can read Documents, read the FAQ, get Music Tracks, see related Videos.


Saturday 15th December 2018

  • Diary - A couple of fixes rolled out here.  If the same person is selected more than once, they will now receive just the one email, instead of several.  Also, when you make changes in the People Assignment section the Location Dates section will refresh accordingly.
  • Profile / Speaker Image - A fix has been rolled out so that you can upload an image.  A warning message was erroneously being issued when you try to upload an image.
  • Reset Password - The Logo and styles have been updated in the Reset Password section.


Tuesday 4th December 2018

  • File Upload Changes - An update has been rolled out onto the system so that it can handle uploading a large number of files (eg: Feedback Photos) and large file sizes (eg: Presentation Files).  The system will now upload the files in chunks so that it can process things more easily and be more informative as well.  When a file is uploaded you will see its progress in the Information Bar Message.


Friday 30th November 2018

  • Speaker Topic Approval - Any new Topics that are added by Speakers into the system will now await approval from the pin team.  Once approved they will appear in the relevant sections for selection or viewing.
  • Speaker Topic Duration - When you add a new Topic, you can specify the Duration.  If you reload an existing the Topic the Duration field will no longer be configurable.  Wording and Powerpoint Presentations will still be allowed to be change.
  • Speaker Topics Section - Due to new Approval feature, the Speaker Topics section which shows the list of topics has been updated to give a clearer indication of things.  You will now see Icons next to the Topic.  An Icon Key is provided at the bottom of the table.


Wednesday 28th November 2018

  • Feedback - Prize Draw Winner will now appear correctly in the Summary section.
  • Speakers Login - A new Hosts section has been added to allow you to see the list of Hosts.


Monday 26th November 2018

  • Speaker Topic - Layout changes in which the Wording and Presentation sections now have separate Save buttons, this is like how it was before.
  • Speaker Topic - The Duration field now gets set correctly when loading a topic.


Thursday 22nd November 2018

  • Pictures - Fix has been rolled out so that the People Pictures and Icons shown in the Hosts, Helpers, Speakers, etc, work across all web browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari.
  • Speaker Topic Saving - Improvements and fixes have been made as there was several issues spotted.


Wednesday 21st November 2018

  • Speaker Topic Saving - Information stays in place when you save, before it would clear the fields after the save.
  • Speaker / Host Images - Some of the missing photos have been restored.
  • Raffle List - Fix has been rolled out as there was a problem emailing the list.


Tuesday 20th November 2018

  • Speaker Topic Downloads - Fix has been rolled out in regards to issues in downloading the Speaker Topic Files.


Monday 19th November 2018

  • Hosts - Fix has been rolled out in regards to the Diary Confirmation Emails.


Saturday 17th November 2018

  • Redesigned pin Central Area System.
  • Faster loading of items.
  • Productivity improvements when doing various tasks.